Centre for Organic Chemistry Ltd. (COC) is research organisation as stipulated in the Act No. 160/2002 Coll. and Community Framework 2006/C 323, 2006. Primary goal of COC is to conduct fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development and to disseminate its results by way of technology transfer, publications and teaching.

The activies of COC are focused mainly on advanced organic  compounds which are characterized by a number of interesting physical and chemical properties. The properties make these smart materials extremely interesting and challenging field of research in view of the potential applications in electronics, photonics, photovoltaics, etc. Besides, COC has been engaged in functional π-π electron systems  applicable as photosensitizers in life sciences. The COC research programme also includes  the processes of surface treatments aimed at improvement the functions and/or service lives of the materials.

Fundamental and industrial research in the area of organic compounds for electronics and other high-tech applications and also systems exercisable in life sciences, is now perfomed in COC in collaboration with a number of Czech and foreign academia institutions and manufacturing companies. Due to the profound expertise in the field and modern pilot plant trains, COC is in position to perform batch process scale-up.

COC is commited to giving you the very best research and development experience possible.

ISO 9001:2008

Value through Innovations.



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