Company Overview

The key activities of COC comprise research, development and further transfer of novel technologies to the industrial realisations. COC is interconnecting element between academic research and plant production. COC is capable to optimize new applications according to the needs of the final realisation. The main areas of the interest are materials for printed and flexible electronics, photoactive processes, functional surface finishing additives.

Our results have been incorporated into the technologies for textile industry, cosmetics, varnishes, water treatments, production of the plastic materials, smart packaging, smart textiles and the special hybrid safety systems.

COC provides small batch production and thanks to the connections with other chemical companies upscales the production to glass pilot plant (apparatus volume up to 100 l) up to pilot plant (apparatus volume up to 600 l). Our capacities enable to prepare product in high purity from miligram to tens of kilogram volume. Besides this, COC is able to purify the products in all described volumes and characterized by convenient analytical methods (HPLC, UV/VIS, GC, NMR, GC/MS, LC/MS, TGA, IR, fluorescence spectroscopy). Moreover, thin-layered products are characterized by electrochemical, conductivity and UV/VIS techniques together with film thickness measurement.

COC company was founded in 2009 as one of the private research organisation. Since then, COC focuses on collaboration, innovation and sustainability with the vision to create long-term values for better future. Our portfolio meets very specific requirements of clients among academia institutions as well as industrial companies. In particular, our service includes investigation and development of specialties used for surface modifications, electronics or photonics and optimization of synthesis for market needs. At the same time, our research is focused on key issues considering energy efficiency, renewable and biodegradable materials and elimination of pollutants from the environment. Due to the profound expertise in the field, we can offer you precise research experience. We are open to issues, where we can make a significant contribution and strenghten application know-how. We also offer an opportunity for students to gain experience in the open-minded scientific community.

Company Profile (download pdf).

Legal Structure and Ownership

COC is the part of Kaprain Group. More concretely, we fall under SYNTHESIA company and its subsidiary VUOS. Every day, our success is created by several employees who work in close and friendly atmosphere.

The company has established procedures to guarantee gender equality, which are described in the internal directive LOS 0024, "Ensuring gender equality in the COC". This directive contains a summary of the basic values, principles and rules related to ensuring gender equality for all employees, its aim is to create fair conditions in terms of gender.