Conductive organic compounds become nowadays popular due to their unlimited production and ability to integrate electronic devices with various flexible inexpensive substrates. We had participated on interesting projects organised in cooperation with universities and companies to tailor electronic and electrochromic devices. At present, our products serve in antistatic sacks, functional textiles monitoring temperature or pressure, security systems, sensors, memory elements and others. We had optimized the processing of organic electronics into the different materials by permanent printing, which can be used simply as roll-to-roll operation for industrial needs.

Electrochromic flexible foils produced by roll-to-roll process. Research and syntheses of precursors for responsive materials useful in smart glass and displays. 

Flexible printed electronics based on organic and hybrid elements. 

Relative humidity and NH3 sensor produced by roll-to-roll process.

Contactless label for temperature detection.

Conductive textiles.

Pressure sensor.