Prevention of mould growth

Maybe everybody knows that some types of mould are prosperous to our health. Alexander Fleming was the first, who discovered that certain strain of mould, Penicillin, destroys bacteria. In fact, mould can be used to flavour and conserve Brie or Camembert cheese. On the other hand, many moulds produce compounds which are toxic to animals. Particularly, aflatoxins regularly found in improperly stored food cause cancer. And what about mould in the bathroom or air-conditioning? It is known that inhalation of mould microparticles can initiate serious respiratory problems including allergies, asthma or infections. If you do not want to harm your health, then you need to start with a long-term cleaning challenge or rather save your money with cheaper prevention. We have formulated inexpensive silicate paint consisting of submicron particles that can be used in humid areas to completely block the fungal growth. This product had been already applied on concrete walls of water station to prevent contamination of drinking water with mould. If you are interested, we can design other suitable solutions tailored for your needs.