Surface treatment

Modification of materials on their surfaces prolong their durability, improve their functions or enrich them by completely new spectrum of capabilities. Our products can protect various types of materials against damaging effects of UV-rays, bad weather conditions or even spreading of microorganism.

Stains and resins prolonging the durability of exterior and interior  surfaces. (SOLTEX E279, VEROPAL UV40)

Self-adhesive UV-protective windshields. (PHOTOPROTECTIVE FOIL)

Polymer additive for cosmetics readily protecting the skin against UVA and UVB rays. (COSOL E)

New photoprotective finishing for textiles. (SOLTEX 1052)

Dyes with combined antimicrobial and UV-protective effects. (Phthalocyanine Product List)

Microdispersion for self-cleaning purposes. (Tiodisperse NA-AS)


Adhesive stabilized against UV-damage. (VEROPAL PSA3)

Additive stabilizing acrylic products. (SOLTEX EE)

Hydrophobic reactive sol-gel system for permanent hydrophobic vapour permeable protection.

Hydrophobic varnish for engineered stone – protection against pollution.