Take care about our natural heritage

Did you know that a third of global freshwater crayfish population is vulnerable to extinction? Crayfish and other members of invertebrates family are threatened by overfishing, destruction of habitats and pollution.

We believe that we should protect our native aquatic animals. Nowadays, artificial incubation techniques have been established to maintain the population of endangered species, as well as increase of harvesting yields for market purposes. Crayfish juveniles need to be reared in specialized aquariums or ponds until they reach sufficient stage of development. However, only some portion of layed eggs hatches and juveniles are prone to diseases. For example, every third egg is attacked by fungi, being definitely damaged. Laborious sterilisation and revitalization of the breeding environment is necessary to maximise the survival of crayfish.

Hence, we have found facile and efficient way how to eliminate the presence of harmful substances for crayfish to raise up their natality. Our solution is biologically compatible with the crayfish´s natural environment, as it does not influence their growth nor their life cycle.