surface treatment

  • New UV absorbers and systems for protection of textile materials and application in cosmetics.

  • Acrylate and acrylurethane wood stains containing UV absorber. The systems are highly effective, stable and appropriate for exterior and interior protection of historic wooden articles.

  • Self-adhesive PET foils with UV absorber applicable on windows.

  • Products for polyester textile finishing providing material with hydrophobic and antibacterial properties plus incombustibility. 

  • Waterborne nanodispersion containing broadband polymer UV absorber for cosmetics.
  • Phthalocyanine derivatives exhibiting very effective inhibition of bacteria and algae growth.
  • Nanofibre materials for respiratory protective equipments containing photosensitive phthalocyanine.

  • Additives based on innovative conductive polymers for surface protection materials and for electronics.

  • Functional polyester and blend textiles exhibiting electroconductive and antimicrobial performance.